Fran Rizzuto & Marcella Rizzuto </br><p class="classtitle"> Lineage House's Signature Blowout and Waves, presented by Unwrapped Life </p> On Demand! </p>

Fran Rizzuto & Marcella Rizzuto

Lineage House's Signature Blowout and Waves, presented by Unwrapped Life

On Demand!

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Class Details:

During this 60 min session, Francesca and Marcella will guide you through using solid shampoo + conditioner bars from Unwrapped Life.  Followed by a live demonstration of The Lineage House signature blowout and waves, highlighting key techniques and products to achieve this style in the salon or at home.  A tour of "The House", as well as the launch of their online pro-membership to further your education and skills.

Fran Rizzuto Instagram: @frenchydoesmyhair

Marcella Rizzuto Instagram: @marchyrizzhair

Class Duration & Type: 60 MIN. Previously Recorded. Now Available On Demand!
(Some technical issues have accord during this live recording)


Unwrapped Life:  Born from a need for change. A need to think, and do, things differently. Unwrapped Life started their journey in 2016, at a time when "plastic-free" and "zero-waste”, wasn't the popular choice in the beauty industry, and they knew they could change that! On a mission to eliminate excessive packaging, (shampoo really doesn't need to be in a bottle, you’ll see!), they offer solutions for hair, baby + kids, body and life - all without compromising quality and performance.

Francesca:  Fran began her education and career in Toronto, Canada at the Aveda Institute & Academy. There she grew naturally into her role as an educator and stylist, sharing her skill of hairstyling with students in Toronto and Winnipeg.

When Fran moved back to Winnipeg in 2012, she continued to expand within her career as Assistant Creative Director for the Winnipeg Academy, gaining invaluable experience working with some of the top stylist and educators in North America. In 2016, it was only natural that she would take on her own clients, build her brand, and carve her own creative path within the industry.

Fran is not only well-known and loved for her casual, relaxed style and personality, but for her intuitive approach to creating natural, effortless cuts and colours for all of her clients. Her services are always custom and colours are always based on skin tone, clients aura and lifestyle.Her experience as an art director, working on stylized photo shoots, at shows, and in competitions has given her a fearless edge.

Fran still continues to educate and offer in salon classes for hair cutting to groups of stylists and also one on one education.

Marcella: Marcella began her education and career in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the Aveda Institute & Academy in 2012. She has traveled to countless classes learning from social media hair gurus and fashion stylists.

With a strong focus on blondes and overall style. Traveling to Tulum for weddings , photo shoots and bringing that laid back style to her local ventures.  She is hoping to get into the educational side of the industry and start teaching.

She continues to update her education and perfect her craft by traveling across North America to learn from the best in the industry like the Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles, and the Bumble and Bumble school in New York. Marcella is well-known in Winnipeg for her personal style, always leading the charge with her cutting-edge fashion. She continues to showcase her personal brand and advertise her services through her large and connected social media following, cross promotion on photoshoots and freelance work.

Marcella also offers balayage education to salon professionals and small groups. Her Instagram is also full of videos and tutorials.