Isabelle De Vries -Australia</br>  Hosted by Danessa Myricks </br><p class="classtitle"> Holographic Skin with Danessa Myricks Beauty </p>

Isabelle De Vries -Australia
Hosted by Danessa Myricks

Holographic Skin with Danessa Myricks Beauty

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Danessa Myricks Beauty

Class Details:

In this class, hosted by Danessa Myricks, Isabelle De Vries will share with you how she creates holographic skin using a range of different colors and textures. Her innovative techniques will change the way you approach basics of makeup.


Instagram: @danessa_myricks

A portion of donations for this class will be provided to NAACP

Class Duration & Type: 90 MIN. Previously Recorded, Available On Demand!

Isabelle De Vries Bio:

Internationally recognized, multi award-winning makeup artist Isabelle De Vries is a true creator with innovation and overwhelming passion for her art form. Isabelle’s work challenges trends and stereotypes of beauty and has gained recognition from the industry’s elite.

With her complete understanding of makeup dynamics, individuality and precision she has  become a great influence in the Australian and global makeup industry. Isabelle  specializes in editorial makeup, as well as makeup for; beauty, runway, bridal and fashion editorials, and has established herself as the “Gloss Queen” with her signature looks!

As an educator Isabelle is fun, hands on and down to earth. Her confidence and enthusiasm to pass on her industry knowledge to the next generation of artists as well as industry veterans is well sort after.

Danessa Myricks Bio:

Makeup Artist • Photographer • Creator

As a makeup artist, photographer, and entrepreneur Danessa Myricks has mastered the perfect  beauty application and image and made a name for herself as one of the most creative in our makeup industry. With the creation of her eponymous line,  Danessa Myricks Beauty and her work in the studio,  Danessa continues to creatively combine art and product manipulation as she pushes the beauty industry forward in both her artistry and product innovation.

Inspired initially by the inner sphere of the beauty business, Danessa’s career hit the ground running at the corporate level, where she discovered her true passions aligned the trajectory towards artistry.  With insight and business structure intact, she noted the highest opportunities were to alleviate the issues of cosmetic marketing for ethnic skin tones coloring the world. From fair to deep complexions, Danessa always aimed to touch all faces equally. 

Danessa’s artistic expertise and drive enabled opportunities to work on the faces for numerous celebrity projects with entertainers from music to film and her approach to beauty ignited the desires to co-create with global beauty brands like Kiss , Benefit Cosmetics & Limelight By Alcone . Danessa  also has had multiple consulting initiatives for both prestige , pro, and masstige beauty brands  globally.

Always ahead of the digital curve with great success she produced her best techniques into over a dozen how-to videos where devotees of beauty around the world could access professional artistry first hand. As a published author Danessa manifested makeup instruction with two books focused on contour, highlight and color for makeup artists. 

Currently Danessa spends her time training makeup artists and enthusiasts globally and  creating her brand Danessa Myricks Beauty, a global beauty blend of professional insight and wearable cosmetics available to every makeup devotee on the planet. 

About Danessa Myricks Beauty:

What if beauty had no boundaries?  

Danessa Myricks beauty is an artisanal brand developed with the notion that makeup is art and that the world of beauty should be inclusive of every woman. “My vision was to create a brand where there were limitless possibilities for women from all walks of life to create. As a self-taught makeup artist with minimal resources at my disposal, I had to be creative with the products I had access to, by maximizing their usage and creatively mixing and blending colors and textures to make things work. Even with this I found I was often limited by existing shades and textures and had the desire for more.  Thus, the desire to create my own line of products to fulfill this void was born.”   

Every formula is designed to be multifunctional in it’s use and work on a broad range of skin tones. It’s a playground of customizable colors and texture designed for both professional makeup artists and everyday consumers. Danessa Myricks Beauty gives both artists and consumers the ability to easily customize and freely create while exploring an inclusive world of beauty without boundaries.