Courtney Hart</br><p class="classtitle"> Makeup and Work Space Sanitation 101</p>

Courtney Hart

Makeup and Work Space Sanitation 101

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Class Details:
How do we take our sanitation practices to the next level? Makeup and work space sanitation 101 from celebrity makeup artist, Courtney Hart. Let's get the basics down so we can head into jobs knowing we are doing everything possible to keep our clients and selves safe.

Instagram: @courthart1

Class Duration & Type: 45 MIN. Previously Recorded, Now Available On Demand!

A portion of donations for this class will be provided to NAACP


BORN AND RAISED IN LOS ANGELES, CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST and men’s groomer, COURTNEY HART, has enjoyed a multifaceted career with her work ranging from television to music to major runway shows. Growing up surrounded by the glam of Hollywood, Courtney hoped to one day make it big as an actress. Her big plans were interrupted while assisting on sets and learning various makeup techniques, as she soon realized beauty was her true passion.

Nearly 10 years later, Cortney takes great care in connecting with her clients and knowing what makes them feel their best. She is sought out in the industry for her ability to specifically tailor her craft to each of her clients. Her strengths include attention to detail, allowing natural beauty to shine, and creating a flawless, light finish that is both youthful and chic.

Courtney is recognized as a top-tier makeup artist by leading beauty brands, blogs, and articles around the world. She remains a go-to red carpet artist for various celebrities including Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, and Cole Sprouse. Her work continues to appear in notable magazines such as Variety, Billboard, Italian Vogue, AltPress, Popular and Fault Magazine. Courtney’s eye for what is on-tread, and her ability to adapt those trends in a personal and appropriate way for her clients, keep her in demand.