Mentor Terms and Resume

Thank you for volunteering your time with Support Creatives.  With your help we will grow our community to be stronger, smarter, and better every day at their craft.

Below are Support Creatives asks for you to offer your Mentee:

  • Mentor will be donating 1 hour, 1 day a week, for a 2-month duration (unless mutually chosen between mentee and mentor to extend the time period and number of days / hours). Support Creatives must be let known if any time extension occurs and what day is selected. 

What your Mentee must agree to:

  • Mentee must agree to times and duration of mentorship chosen for them. Mentee is required to sign this form agreeing to terms and conditions before mentorship can begin. 

  • Mentee will be sent a form documenting Mentors availability, day of contact preferred, time of preferred contact, contact preference, and skill set of Mentor (bio and links to socials).

Please fill out the below. This will help us place the perfect Mentor with their Mentee.