Emily Gray  </br><p class="classtitle">Emily's Glowy Enhancing Signature Look </p><p class="classdate"><br></p>

Emily Gray

Emily's Glowy Enhancing Signature Look

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Class Details:
Emily’s most requested look that is great for models, weddings, or anything soft glam.

Instagram: @emgraymakeup

Class Duration & Type: 60 min. Pre-Recorded Class

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Emily began her love of makeup and exhibited an artistic mindset at a very early age. No sooner than she could pick up a crayon she was drawn to the human body and in particular, the female face. Like many girls Emily suffered from acne in her teenage years and discovered the miraculous powers of concealer and foundation. Like magic in a bottle makeup became her liquid confidence, planting a seed for what was yet to come. Emily's unrelenting drive, ambition, and desire to be the very best that no one ever was, has propelled her to becoming one of the industries brightest rising stars.