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Rick Wellman

Soft Lights

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Artist by Timothy Priano
Class Details:
Rick will be sharing and displaying (on a mannequin head) his unique Highlighting Technique using Biodegradable Cotton fabric in lieu of traditional foiling, creating a dimensional hombre effect, while also allowing for custom detailing. He describes this easy technique as a combo/between foiling and balayage method. 

This class is for any hair color artist that is interested in expanding their mind and exploring different mediums to create distinct effects- just as an artist who paints with various materials. 

Instagram: @rickwellman

Class Duration & Type: 60 MIN. Previously Recorded, Now Available On Demand!


Master Colorist Rick Wellman is widely recognized as one of the most talented and innovative colorists in the world. His experience spans more than 20 years, during which time he has become a key figure in the world of hair coloring. His artistic vision has made him a master of customized color, beautiful vibrant tones and most importantly, natural looking hair color. Rick is responsible for creating beautiful shades for global hair color campaign advertisements and commercials including Wella Koleston, Garnier and Clairol as well as Pantene, Herbal Essence and fashion advertisements including Anne Taylor, Rampage and many more.

Originally from Ohio, he recognized his passion for painting at a young age and enrolled in advanced cosmetology schools to explore his artistic interests. In Toronto and London, he attended Vidal Sassoon, Rita Rusk and Alan International, earning him the title of platform artist and leading him to work with the late, great Paul Mitchell and British award-winning hairstylist Trevor Sorbie.

Over the years, Rick has witnessed his clients alter their beauty regimens from high to low maintenance. Identifying this inspired Rick to invent his signature color treatment, a less severe version of highlights called Biolights. The treatment uses 100% biodegradable cotton pads and offers the advantage of foils and French hair painting technique, Balayage, in one.

Rick worked side by side with renowed colorist, Joel Warren of the famous Warren-Tricomi Salon prior to becoming a co-owner in Patrick Melville Salon 2007 to 2014, in which Rick Wellman has made his name as the 'GO-TO' colorist for the top modeling agencies when super models need to gently perfect or fine tune their hair color, create a signature shade or dramatic change while also respecting their hair's health.

Rick is currently the Master Colorist at The Salon Project by Joel Warren at Saks Fifth Avenue NYC. While keeping his NYC clientele happy and colorful, he is in demand globally to detail specific tones and keep their hair healthy for top models, celebrities and international hair color companies.