Adam Federico</br><p class="classtitle"> Deconstructing the COIF</p>

Adam Federico

Deconstructing the COIF

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Class Details:
Fuel your creativity and flex your dynamic, forward-thinking abilities. Take an in depth look at working with the organic movement and texture of the hair. Advanced scissor cutting utilizing disconnected panels mixed with creative shape explorations.

Instagram: @adamfederico

Class Duration & Type: 90 MIN. Previously Recorded, Available On Demand!


Born and raised in California’s cultural hub, Adam Federico has created a niche for himself among craft hairdressings most practiced artisans. His skillset is broad, yet honed, and he counts Master Educator, Creative Director and Stylist as his defining roles.

It’s Adam’s background, rich with diversity, that has brought him to adopt the lifelong motto ‘Evolve or Dissolve.’ He lives by it: Never standing still, never becoming complacent and always reaching to achieve new goals. As an educator, he hopes to help his students to reach higher and farther than they ever thought possible.

As Adam’s student, you can expect to gain core, foundational skills that deliver unlimited behind-the-chair freedom. He educates with patience, kindness and compassion, gleaned from his experience as a yoga practitioner + teacher. But above all, he will guide you in falling in love with your craft – over and over again.   

“Without the possibility of growth, there can be no (understanding). In reality, there is nothing in the universe which is completely perfect or completely still; it is only in the mind of men that such concepts exist.”